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Is your home plagued by ghostly entities? Do you feel like your in someone else's home, even though your still in yours? Perhaps you often think you see shadowy figures from the corner of your eye. Has your home been experiancing odd electrical phenomena? Have you noticed an eerie presence in your house? Are there unexplainable cold spots in your home?

Why Call Us???

We are a non-profit, scientific-minded, paranormal investigation agency based out of Grand Junction, Colorado. img

Our goal is simple: "To document true paranormal activity and help the living better understand the unknown.

What do we do exactly? We investigate occurrence's of paranormal activity and other unnatural anomalies. Mainly with ghostly encounters for various client's homes.

We search for the truth, using objectivity and state of the art scientific techniques shared by most of the para-research communities to collect data and let the evidence show. We do not make definitions on cases by our own personal subjective experiences but by the evidence that we collect.Check HERE to learn more. img img View Our Message board !!


Need a laugh? Our new Para-Humor page is HERE

Interested in some paranormal pictures? Test your optical skills HERE

If you want to check out some local haunts and/or the investigations we have looked into check HERE.

Looking to better understand our terminology? Check out the Paranormal Glossary HERE

Interested to learn more about ghosts? HERE is our 5 categories of ghostly manifestations.

For my Investigators, see our Rules

For my Investigators, check out Ghosthunting 101

For my Investigators, check out Ghost Photography 101

Want to see or buy the equipment we use? CheckHERE img

Join T.I.P.S.
Do you have an increasing interest in paranormal investigation? Then join the team! WE need a wide variety of people and talents to make the most of T.I.P.S. and you can help. Here are some of the positions we have and there availability. img

Founder-knows all positions(Erik Hall)

Co-Founder-knows all positions(Open)

Lead Investigator-Good leadership skills, extensive knowledge of investigation methods,makes final call on investigations (Erik Hall)

Case Manager-Organized, Good Telephone skills(Open)

Field Investigators-Eye for detail,good communication (4/open for more)

Interviewer- Good communicator, asks good questions (Cherylann Sinski)

Equipment Operators-Technical, knows about technology (open)

Sleeper-actually sleep at "hot spots" on location(open)

Researcher-Great library skills, knowledgeable about historical reference(open)

Media Relations-Knowledgeable about journalism, newspapers and public relations (open)

Skeptic-Someone who doesnt believe in ghosts (open)

Call (970)314-6147 to Join! Or email us:


lunar phase
Solar X-rays:

Geomagnetic Field:

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